Nagmimistulang dyaryo ito. May mga balita kang mababasa. Magiging salamin ng iyong buhay at pagkatao ang bawat tula, sanaysanay atbp. Isa itong talaan ng pang-araw araw na kahulugan. May mababaw at malalim na pang-unawa sa mga bagay bagay sa paligid. Iba't iba tayong interpretasyon. Minsan, dito mo makikita ang kaligayhan. Isang komik na puno ng kwento, puno ng pangyayari. Ito rin ang nagigi kong kwaderno. Sinusulat ko lahat ng naririnig, nakikita at nararamdaman. nagsisilbi din itong magasin, pampalipas oras at pagal. Pampatakbo ng oras.

Sana masiyahan kayo sa pagbabasa ng aking mga malikhaing panunulat. Dito ko nahahanap at naibubuga ang aking kaligayahan.

Monday, January 24, 2011


GD with my buddies :)

with Lolo Caloy our Clinical Instructor :D

administering test with monica and taguro

ako at si mhae

It was middle of October when we started our internship at the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH). As the usual feeling that everyone felt the excitement; to deal or interact with patients, administered test, apply what you've learned in school and most especially the willingness to learn.

I was assigned to Mr. Claro Cipriano together with Monica, Gretchen, Melanie and 3 AdU students. Our Clinical Instructor is good, he always guide us and very supportive. Monica and Edgar (from AdU) were my partners in administering the test. The first time we went to the ward area it was really icky because of the bad smell but I felt bad for them because of their condition inside the ward. I guess, the patient their will not recover fast because of the inhuman e place they have. The first patient assigned to us was disturbed that's why it took 3 days before we've done the test.

One of my memorable moment there was our Group Dynamics with a theme: "Live.Laugh.Love" they shared they're talents and stories to us. It was really amazing to sing, dance and laugh with the patients. I really had a good time with them and with my buddies :)

I learned a lot and enjoyed my internship at the NCMH. I learned the do's and don'ts in administering the test and of course in every stories of the patients I've handled. Now, I can proudly say that I can be a good Psychologist in the near future :)


kakaloka ang pag
hahanap ng OJT sa industrial as in kakaloka! haha!

Nagstart kami maghanap ng OJT second week of November tapos na nakapag start kami Dec.22 kumusta naman yun?! kung saan saan na kami nakarating Makati, Quezon City, Ortigas at madami pa. Nag simula kami maghanap sa Makati halos lahat na ata ng building sa paseo e, nalibot nanamin ayun pass lang ng resume sa guard at sabay sabing
tatawagan na lang namin kayo" at pinaka malala e yung sasabihing "wala, di kami nag aaccept ng ojt ngayon e" haist kakaloka talaga.Tapos yun sa dami ng company na inaplayan namin nakahanap kami yun nga lang berna naman yung nahanap namin kung anu-ano pinapagawa na hindi naman related sa HR. Hindi ko kinaya yung pag aayos ng maalikabok na envelop alphabetically at ang pag cut ng 1,000 na papel gamit lang ang gunting instead na paper cutter. Siyempre dahil di namin keri mag work dun naghanap pa din kami ng other company. Ayun may tumawag nga, pinapunta kami for interview and test kaya lang di na ulit tumawag para sa result hehehe! Tapos naloloka din ako sa inaplayan namin sa Q.C kakatuwa yung nag interview sa amin si sir Bernie kasi tawa ng tawa while nag iinterview. Ok's na sana dun kaya lang patayan naman ang schedule 10pm-6am tapos may class ng 3pm-9pm. Same din yung prob. sa isa naming inaplayan sa ortigas mid-shift sila 3pm-11pm so, hindi talaga pwede kasi my class. haist, ba't kasi ganun ung sched. dapat seperate ang day ng ojt sa klase. ayun din madalas tanungin ng mga naginterview sa amin hehehe...
and finally...
ayun nakahanap din kami.
sa hinaba haba ng narating sa TELUS- ortigas din ang tuloy... haha!
okay, na dito ganda ng view... kaka relax... at nakakapag FB haha!
pero masaya kasi HR task na ginagawa namin... :))

Sara ang Munting Chorva :)


Sara is an intelligent child, she knows not too much about the real world when she enteres Miss Minchin's school. Having spent a carefree time in Valenzuela, it is at the Seminary where she learnes that the difference between rich and poor people is reality and not just a story from a book.


Sara is generally liked by the little ones because she always relates those wonderful stories, but Lottie adores her. Sara soon became Lottie's "Mamma Sara" because her real mother has died. It is not to be denied that people are quite right when they say that Lottie is a cry-baby. Indeed she cries very often but she can also be very bold (for her age). For example when she decided to visit Sara on the attic in spite of those creepy steps up to her room

Ms. Minchin

Miss Minchin is a dominant and unfriendly person and can be very cruel. When Sara lost all her wealth Miss Minchin made her a servant of her school but not out of symphathy. Sara is treated even worse than her fellow servant, Becky. It may be concluded that Miss Minchin simply likes to persecute Sara but things are not that easy. There are several reasons that Miss Minchin is so mad at Sara.


There is no doubt about it, Lavinia hates Sara. She was used to be given her own way in everything until Sara arrived at the Seminary. Lavinia is egocentric and arrogant but she is no fool. She has easily looked through Miss Minchin and is therefore inordinately jealous of Sara. Even after Sara has lost all her wealth, Lavinia continues to hate her although she would never admit it voluntarily. There is a simple reason for this: no matter what Lavinia is trying, Sara would not give in to her. Never.


Well, not really a character but this doll plays a quite important role. Sara pretends that dolls actually can walk and talk like humans but hide their secret. When somebody enters the room they return to the place where they have been before like lightning and it seems as if they were there all the time. Sara managed to keep Emily when everything was taken from her.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Bitterness as mental illness?

Bitter behavior is so common and deeply destructive that some psychiatrist are urging it be identified as a mental illness under the name Post-tramatic Embitterment Disorder.

Michael Linden, a physician at the Seehof Rehabilitation Center in Berlin, saw an increasing number of patients with symptoms that he described with a new term: posttraumatic embitterment disorder. After Germany's reunification, Linden observed an increase in the rates of reactive disorders. Several years later, patients continued to struggle with severe psychological reactions to negative life events. Linden and his colleges argue that such reactions cannot be classified as posttraumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, or even depressive disorder, and suggested posttraumatic embitterment disorder as a new reactive disorder.

In their book, Linden and his coauthors lay out the conceptual issues, empirical evidence, and treatment perspectives for their suggested new illness. The book includes a thorough review of the relationships between stress and life events and a review of the shortcomings of the descriptions of current adjustment disorders in including reactions to stressful life events that are not transient. They argue that "the trigger event in posttraumatic embitterment disorder is an exceptional, though normal negative life event such as conflict in the workplace, unemployment, the death of a relative, divorce, severe illness, or experience of loss and separation. The illness develops in the direct context of the event. Characteristic is a prolonged feeling of embitterment." This differentiates posttraumatic embitterment disorder from posttraumatic stress disorder, because the event is not life threatening or fear provoking.

The authors review the empirical evidence they have gathered in the book's second section, which includes diagnostic interviews and criteria, self-rating scales, and epidemiology. The third and last part reviews cognitive-behavioral therapy that has been adapted to treat this disorder.

As I was reading this protracted article in book form, I found it unconvincing that this "disorder," posttraumatic embitterment disorder, is indeed a separate entity, a psychiatric diagnosis that stands on its own. Specifically, in the section describing empirical evidence and discussing psychiatric diagnosis among patients with the purported disorder and control patients, the findings indicate a high degree of comorbidity or diagnostic uncertainty in posttraumatic embitterment disorder: 66% adjustment disorder, 40% dysthymia, 34% generalized anxiety disorder, 18% social phobia, 18% agoraphobia, and 16% personality disorder. In my opinion, with such a large scattering of diagnoses across the DSM, a common feeling of embitterment does not make a diagnosis.

Moreover, the study group as well as the control group appears to have been quite skewed: all study patients were recruited through the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychosomatics of the Seehof Rehabilitation Center. As the writers note, this is a rehabilitation clinic where the majority of patients are treated for work-related incapacities. The screening questionnaire was tested on 158 passengers traveling on trains from Berlin to Frankfurt, making this a culturally biased study that might be difficult to apply outside of this particular population.



Monday, January 17, 2011

Katy Perry - Ur So Gay

NALELERKI NA AKETCH. HOPIA ATASHI SA BET KO! Kakagalit yung crush ko isa siyang "badette" hahaha! Pero ayaw pa niya magladlad, bakit kaya??? mmm... okay lang naman tanggap ko siya char! di ko bet parehos kami ng type! lol. Kakaloka pa na my ex-lover? o sila pa till now? na "badap". kakatuwa nga lit sila sweet sa school at di niya pinaprimary pics nila pero pag sa ibang place...hmmm... alam na! hahaha! kalerki talaga perfect na sana siya ehh... as in complete package un nga lang kulang ng makeup hahaha! He's a number 1 SOY BOY! lol.

Your so Gay! #1 SOY BOY! ;)

NALELERKI NA AKETCH. HOPIA ATASHI AKO SA BET KO! Nakakagalit yung crush ko ay isa palang "badette". lol. Ayaw pa niya magladlad... mmm... bakit naman kaya??? Tangap ko naman kahit ganun siya ehh char! parang di ko bet pareho kami ng type :D Wala naman ako magagawa kung nararamdaman niyang gurl din siya. Dagdagan pa ng Chika ng isang merlita galore kung friend na my naging ex-lover din siya na "Badap" haist naloloka na ko!!! hahaha! mmm... yun nga lang di niya prinaprimary pics nila o sweet pag nasa school pero pag nasa ibang place alam na! lol.

Perfect na sana siya as in complete package na pero un lang soy boy siya hahaha! kulang na lang makeup sa kaniya. lol.