Nagmimistulang dyaryo ito. May mga balita kang mababasa. Magiging salamin ng iyong buhay at pagkatao ang bawat tula, sanaysanay atbp. Isa itong talaan ng pang-araw araw na kahulugan. May mababaw at malalim na pang-unawa sa mga bagay bagay sa paligid. Iba't iba tayong interpretasyon. Minsan, dito mo makikita ang kaligayhan. Isang komik na puno ng kwento, puno ng pangyayari. Ito rin ang nagigi kong kwaderno. Sinusulat ko lahat ng naririnig, nakikita at nararamdaman. nagsisilbi din itong magasin, pampalipas oras at pagal. Pampatakbo ng oras.

Sana masiyahan kayo sa pagbabasa ng aking mga malikhaing panunulat. Dito ko nahahanap at naibubuga ang aking kaligayahan.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's still very hard to believe you're gone. Everyone has gathered today to say our goodbyes and honor you in the best way we can. You are incredibly special to everyone who's ever met you. You are one-of-a-kind and we all miss you terribly.
I know that you are happy now where you are. I can only imagine how joyous the reunion was with all the family members you've lost over the years. Please enjoy them and don't be sad for us.

You gave everything you had and more to make us all as happy as possible, and now it is finally your turn. Your sacrifices did not go unnoticed. Your love is forever appreciated and valued more than you may ever know. I can only hope your reward is eternal happiness in Heaven with all those you cared so much for.

Grandma, the greatest reward in my life is knowing you. Nothing in the world could ever replace one second of the time I was lucky enough to spend with you.

I loved just to sit and talk with you about anything, no matter how trivial. You always had time for me.  You cooked for me and cleaned up after my messes without a thought of a thank you. You laughed with me when I was happy and hugged me so warmly when I was sad. You always told me, "everything will be alright."

God had a special plan for you, Nay. I think He knew that Heaven couldn't ever really be Heaven without you. I don't know why He waited so long to call you home, but I'm so thankful that He did.

You sit now upon puffy clouds set against blue summer skies. You are still with us all.

Nay, please watch over all of us; but if I can ask for one more thing, it's that you please watch over Momma and Tita. They're the best Mom anyone could ask for. They gave up everything to care for you in your last days with us, and they needs you now more than ever.Please stay in their hearts and give them some of the strength you had.

Thank you for all your kindness and sweet words. Thank you for your smiles and your hugs. Thank you for the funny stories and all the wonderful food you cooked.
Thank you for always thinking of everyone else long before you ever thought of yourself. Thank you for making our lives far more special than they ever could have been without you.

Please go home to your beloved mother, husband, brothers and sisters.

We love you more than anything else in this world and We'll see you again someday.

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